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Euromonitor International. (2015, June). Beer in Canada. Retrieved from

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Author: Euromonitor International.
Note: The author of most reports in this collection is the research firm Euromonitor International (a "corporate author"). There are a few exceptions in which specific people are clearly named as authors. If you are confident that the named person was actually an author, rather than simply a contact person for further information, then you should list them as the author instead of Euromonitor International. See Passport - Named Author for a screen capture from a report in which the author was Swarnava Adhikary. More details

Date: 2015, June
Note: Report. More details

Title: Beer in Canada
Note: Sentence case capitalization. More details

Note: Publisher's homepage URL; not the database URL. More details

Context: "Reports" in Passport GMID can take the form of industry overviews, category briefings, company profiles, opinion pieces, articles, and more. The majority of these documents contain clear elements as outlined above.