Tables - Adapted

If you have compiled data from a variety of different sources and put it together to form your own table, you need to cite where you got the information from.

All sources that have been used to create the table's data need to be cited in a Note below the table.

You do not need to give the full bibliographic citation - Author (date) is sufficient But all of these sources should have a full entry in the Reference List.

When using multi-source data you want to describe what data is coming from where. e.g.: Note. Data for hot sauce consumption in the United States from Kantar Media (2010), for Canada from Statistics Canada (2011), and for Britain from Euromonitor International (2010b).

​If you have multiple kinds of data (population figures, consumer information, etc...) in one table you would describe each set of data. e.g.: Note. Population figures for XYZ from Author (date) and for ABC from Author (date). Data for pet ownership for XYZ from Author (date) and for ABC from Author (date).

Multi table example sm (1).png

You should put the table # and a description of its contents above the table, and the Note and its contents below the table, including the word "adapted" for the altered the table.

For more information on the reference list, see Chapter 5, pp. 125-149.